About Us

From 1997. PAMin LLC supplying various clients all over the world. As family owned company located in Serbia, we are deticated to provide tailored-made solution for your needs. Our clients list include Retailers, Wholesalers, Industry and Baby Food producers..

Trough our parnership and expirinace you are having access to the careffuly selected coldstores which are certified with highest standards in Food Safety. Our packers list includes six facilities specialized for Conventional and Organic IQF berries with total storage capacity of 15.000 tons of and two facilities for Wild Dried Mushrooms. With each of our packers we have more than 10 years of partnership and knowledge for various demands. All orders are made under our constant supervision and specification. Packaging materials are always supplied under our control and testing.

With our designers and production team we can make packagies for various boxes, trays and bags in a very short time. Our home town , Gornji Milanovac, is center for packaging industry in south-east Europe. Logistic expiriance gives us huge cost-effective transport to you by land, sea or air and the shortest delivery time.

Who are we and facts

Good Manufacturing Practices – G.M.P.

All our packers are on regular bases visited by Pamin and are subject to regular third-party audits and inspections following the Good Manufacturing Practices – G.M.P. This to ensure correct and hygienic food processing procedures.


All the Pamin fruits and mushrooms are traceable during every stadium: production, packaging, storage, shipment, distribution. We know from where the fruit originates and we ensure this also to our customers. All boxes/paper bags are labeled/printed with full “Identification of the goods” and an “Item Code Description of product & packaging”.


From the beginning our approach to business is guided by commitments to the following principles: Transparency, Loyalty, Business Ethics, Integrity and Continuous Improvement.

Our Mission

We are seeking from all our packers constant improvement in growing and production processes especially in terms of food safety, so only facilities with the highest standards can be our partners.

Our mutual goal is to minimize environmental impacts in the areas of waste, water, energy and air quality from cultivating to deliveries.

As our business faces many challenges, we believe in constant service improvements and from that reason quality of product and new packages are core of our developing business strategy.

Social Responsibility

As family company, we believe that part of our profit should be donated and returned to society. We actively support local football club and helping many initiatives of Red Cross on local and national level.

Pamin is committed to ensure our production and supply chain has responsible social and environmental practices (direct deliveries as much as possible).

Our objective is to create innovative approaches to minimize negative environmental impacts, improve economic bottom lines and integrate the social elements in to delivering meetings (biodiversity on the farm and increased growing of organic fruits).

We look forward to opportunity working with You and show why are we present on global market for 20 years!

PAMin d.o.o.

N.H. Dragomira Drazevica 3R/6

32 300 Gornji Milanovac, Serbia

VAT: 101152123

ID: 17121456

IQF (Individually Quick Frozen)

IQF foods are notable for the fact that each individual piece of food is frozen separately from all the others. So that for example, a bag of IQF peas doesn't simply contain a solid block of frozen peas, but rather, each of the individually frozen peas is loose inside the bag. Obviously, this makes IQF foods much easier to work with..

The way foods are frozen in the IQF method involves sending the individual food items on a sort of conveyor belt into a blast-freezer that freezes the item very quickly. Because the food items are separate when they go in, they stay separate after they've been frozen.

These IQF fruits are cultivated according to our specifications to ensure perfect traceability and quality. Each fruit is frozen shortly after harvest to guarantee optimum taste & freshness. Beautiful & tasty fruits for the professional to create great tasting food.

Berries of Serbia and World.

We can offer frozen Conventional, Organic Cultivated and Organic Wild Berries.

Our main IQF products are berries grown in most pistine areas of Serbia: raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, blueberry, sour cherry, plum, apricot, apple, black and red currant; Wild Berries: Wild blackberry, Wild strawberry, Wild blueberry (from the mauntine areas of Kopaonik and Golija National park – under protection of Unesco from 2001.). Beside Serbian berries, we are also able to source wide range od exotic fruits trough our partners world wide: aronia, avocado, banana, boysenberry, cranberry, eldeberry, fig green, fig purple, gooseberry, grapefruit, kiwi, lingoberry, mango, orange, papaya, seabuckthorn.

Dried Wild Mushrooms

Our product portfolio includes Naturaly Dried Wild Mushrooms: PORCINI/CEPS (Boletus edulis), CHANTERELLE (Chantarelus cibarius), BLACK TRUMPET (Craterellus cornucopioides) and MOREL (Morchella conica). All mushrooms are grown, hand-picked and processed in Serbia.



We work everywhere

We deliver our products all over the world. We are particularly present on EU, Canada, Australia and other markets.

Always available

We are always available for our clients. You can also contact us through our web site e-mail contact form.


All our products can be under buyers or our brand. Our design team allows us to provide attractive packing. 


Our suppliers hold IFS, BRC and organic certificates. Our cold stores have implemented the HCCP standard.


Through the years we have been commited in understanding our clients and providing them with great service.


Quality of the products, packaging and many years of industry knowladge us to compete on EU, CAN and AUS marekts.